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  • JAN19

    Check-in Admission/Ticket Policy

    Please click to see policy info.

  • JAN14

    Drone Policy

    See policy that the IHSCGA will also follow.

  • JAN13

    CompetitionSuite Access

    The link provided in the e-mail doesn't seem to work. Please copy and paste into your browser as that does seem to take you there.

  • DEC12

    2015 Eligibiilty Forms

    In order to compete at an IHSCGA event, the following must be satisfied:
    All performers of a competing group must be approved for participation by the principal of the sponsoring school. Each group shall submit to the IHSCGA the Scholastic Eligibility Certification Form signed by the authorizing school principal or administrator listing all approved participants of that schools group.
    Single School:
    All performers attend the same school. Performers may also attend a Middle School that feeds into the high school.
    Combined Schools:
    Scholastic ensembles may combine students from multiple high schools within their district provided the group competes under the name of a single school or the school district name. Groups may not combine names or use any other fictional name. Combined schools ensembles may only use students that are in their district and/or homeschooled students that would be zoned for those schools.
    The IHSCGA Scholastic Eligibility Certification form must be completed and signed by each principal of the schools involved and filed with the IHSCGA.
    A letter signed by the District Superintendent on district letterhead that allows combining students from multiple high schools within the district/zone must also be filed with the IHSCGA

  • DEC06

    Spartan Spin-tastic Clinic

    Click for details and download announcement document.

  • NOV24

    Text Service

    Text Service from IHSCGA President Bob Medworth. All staff, parents and students over 13 are welcome to sign up for this service.

  • NOV22

    Anderson Contest Closed

    The Anderson Contest has closed. The following groups who were registered, will need to either move to the site at Terre Haute North or not go out on this weekend. Please contact [email protected] with your preference.
    Reg A:
    New Haven