Greenwood Show Information


IHSCGA is actively monitoring the weather forecast for the weekend of January 19th.


Information for planning – Greenwood January 19 Contest


The show host determines if the contest is a go or not. 

Individual schools determine if groups can attend  if the contest is still on.


It is most likely that schools WILL not be able to add to the following weekend except at the East Noble location. 

 Or any other weekend except the THS/Goshen weekend. 


IHSCGA would first look at schools who only have 3 events and let them add first (if that is an option) 

 if it is not..............then IHSCGA  would have to consider to waive the requirement in order for groups to meet the State Events Requirements.


IHSCGA  will use the CS messaging system to communicate any news about that event so make sure you have your phone number entered.  We will post anything that is messaged  on the website as well.  

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